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Intelligence Investment Hub in Asia

06.06.2017 3 Min.
  • Matteo Andreetto, CEO

Last week STOXX opened a new office in Hong Kong, an expression of our drive to be part of the Asia/Pacific region’s growth trajectory. Asia, and Greater China in particular, is witnessing a jump in assets under management – and much of this new money is flowing into cutting-edge passive investment products.

As part of my visit to the Chinese territory, I had a chance to meet local partners and clients as well as members of the media. It was a very good opportunity to communicate what we are doing at STOXX, and in particular how our innovative products are both taking from and feeding new investment techniques, and helping disrupt traditional investing. An interview I took part of at CNBC’s ‘Asia Squawk Box’ show is accessible here.

Data plus intelligent technology means smart investment ideas

‘Big data,’ multiple interconnection, and intelligent mechanisms have combined into a powerful megatrend that is transforming the asset-management landscape and amplifying investors’ possibilities. At STOXX, we see our role evolving from an indexing business to an Intelligence Investment Hub that converts that expanding collection of data into quantitative analysis and mathematical models to generate better and more efficient financial performance.

The Intelligence Investment Hub produces investment tools that are as varied as they are easy to use, democratizing customized passive investment solutions for everyone.

The new landscape calls for a re-evaluation of the traditional understanding of indexing as a rigid or limited element. To us, it is the most dynamic idea- and alpha-generator piece in the strategy toolbox.

Our quantitative investment solutions take various forms: alternative weightings, factor investing, sustainability-based. But they all share the STOXX blueprint of being rules-based, transparent, tradable and liquid underlyings for investment products and strategies.

As I said in the CNBC interview, we work in an open architecture. On the one side, we incorporate multiple data sources; and on the other hand, we leverage our own research, plus input from academia and clients. We seek to maximize the possibilities of a crowd-sourced research process and design channel. The aim is to get the best solution to the problems our clients face.

At STOXX and at our parent company Deutsche Boerse, we have made innovation the driving force behind our growth. We are passionate about the new investment megatrend and think we could well only be in the initial phases of a data-driven revolution.

We look forward to all the new possibilities this evolution will bring, and to make the best use of them in partnership with all our clients. May they be in Asia or anywhere else in the world.

Please stay tuned as we continue unveiling new developments from the Intelligence Investment Hub on PULSE ONLINE.


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