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STOXX – Your Investment Intelligence Hub

06.11.2017 3 Min.
  • Matteo Andreetto, CEO

Looking back at the past 20 months in my tenure as the STOXX CEO, I see us evolving from an index provider into an Investment Intelligence Hub. Our evolution has been empowered by unforeseen advances in technology and our constant pursuit of innovative investment concepts.

We have made innovation the main engine driving our business forward: to design simple yet powerful products for investors to tackle the threats and opportunities presented by today’s interconnected global economy. A succession of new products is underlining our key role in high-tech indexing.

Big data meets investing
As manager of the well-known EURO STOXX 50® Index and STOXX® Europe 600 Index, STOXX’s presence has already been cemented in the European equity market. Approximately 25% of assets under management in the region are based on STOXX indices, and the firm has a market share of well over 80% in the European structured products space.

On that strong baseline, we have continued expanding into intelligent and targeted solutions with methodical precision and resourceful capabilities.

Our Investment Intelligence Hub begins where big data meets investing. A new frontier powered by technology. From multi-factor to multi-asset solutions, to an ever-growing Sustainability & ESG family, to Thematic Indices and Select Diversification Solutions, each of our key indices addresses specific needs of institutional investors and unlocks hidden opportunities in the low-cost, transparent and rules-based approach that has characterized STOXX since the beginning.

Data revolution transforming the industry
At the Investment Intelligence Hub, we crunch the expanding collection of data into quantitative analysis and mathematical models to generate ‘smart’ financial performance. This process is bringing up countless new investment means and leaving few corners of the asset-management and financial-services industries free from disruption – a real ‘megatrend’ of our times.

We are inspired by how technology is acting not only as a catalyst but a transformational force changing the investment landscape – from the rise of robo-advisers to the use of artificial intelligence and open application programming interfaces (API) in portfolio construction. These are quantum leaps that allow us to enrich and fine-tune investment strategies.

Industry acknowledgement
Our efforts have been acknowledged by the investment community with a series of reputable awards. To mention but two, we have been named ‘Most Innovative Index Provider’ by etfexpress for seven years in a row and ‘Most Innovative ETF Index Provider in Europe’ by exchangetradedfunds.com for eight consecutive years. We feel honored by this endorsement, which further fuels our drive to plunge forward and pursue goals that were previously deemed impossible. Meanwhile, investors everywhere increasingly adopt our solutions for various investment vehicles – from traditional and factor-based index funds to structured products and derivatives.

Next steps in our journey
What comes next: as the focus rapidly shifts from active managers to passive vehicles, we break the old barriers and create new concepts for a more knowledgeable decision-making process, better-controlled risk, and lower costs.

The new frontier couldn’t look more promising. Thank you everyone for joining us on this journey.

Kind regards,

Matteo Andreetto


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